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Techspin Solutions – Excellent ERP & Creative CRM Development Services

At Techspin Solutions, we create custom CRM and ERP for small businesses to giant enterprises to help in establishing a well-manner business resource and building customer loyalty. Our solutions enable you to track the records of customers and keep them organized all the time. Each CRM System we have designed assists you in checking business performance in a personalized manner.

Excellent ERP and CRM Development Services We Offer

We have been offering valuable ERP & CRM services that can automate the customer-related process and smoothly manage the clients. Our team is skilled at developing PHP and .Net based CRM and ERP software as per the client’s requirements. We do provide solutions to all types of software with advanced facilities and modern features.

Finance Management

Manage growth, costs, agility, scalability and flexibility are what needed in finance management. Our team can build a finance management CRM to manage all your financial information.

Human Resources

Develop a customized HR architecture & employees’ data to reduce the paper processes & improve engagement with employees. Our HR suits of functions including recruiting, sourcing, goals, performance review, planning succession, talent profile & competency records & reports.


Develop a single-vision solution with an attractive user interface to deliver a 360-degree view of a customer and stock records. Our solutions include foster sales, vendors’ information and automate product tracking.

Supply Chain Management

For B2B and B2C organizations, Techspin Solutions offers customized supply chain management software to manage and store valuable information in a proper way.

Project Management

Building a special ERP software and web apps to manage the ongoing projects from planning, scheduling and monitoring the tasks. Let our developers build a customized one.

Support and Maintenance

Provide technical support and maintenance services to keep the software and web apps up to date with the latest technology and upgraded version.

What Makes Techspin Solutions Different than Others?

We have a highly talented team offering cost-effective & practical ERP & CRM development services to enhance the business revenue and arrange the business data in an organized manner. When it is a matter of building CRM software, there’re plenty of reasons to choose Techspin Solutions.

Follow the standard procedure
Believe in operational quality
A Proficient Team of Developers
Continuous communication with team
Delivering Top-Class ERP & CRM Solutions
Follow a proven & trustable approach
Unconditional technical support

ERM and CRM Development Process with Manual Testing

At Techspin Solutions, we follow agile methodology and standard coding process to design & develop unbeaten ERP & CRM solutions since inception. When we start consulting with a client, we start it by knowing the requirements and the business he is running. Unlike others, start with asking questions to collect the information and understand what are they looking for. We adhere to the standards of coding and test every piece of code before implementing live software.

Understanding the Requirements
Plan the Strategy

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Techspin Solutions strives to offer benefits like transparency, security and productivity for your business while developing an ERP solution. We focus on the business workflow and how can make more productive. We develop unbeaten features and modules that will help you in reforming the business aspects.

We have worked on a variety of ERP & CRM projects prviously and have successfully completed solutions for small and giant enterprises across the globe. That’s why we can deliver the projects with all requirements within the given timeframe.

At Techspin Solutions, we do not just develop solutions for the businesses but also assist our clients in deploying the software in their organization. Our job is not over after developing a solution, we follow steps that are necessary for the deployment process. Thus, you can take advantage of our solutions.

Well, the cost of developing CRM software is depending on the complexity of a project and the number of features/modules. It’s very much difficult to tell you an accurate quote for the project without knowing the requirements.

But, we can deliver you a precise quote for the CRM software development once we have got the specific requirements from you. We wish to listen to your requirement; shoot a message here:

One can’t promise you the exact timeframe without knowing the requirements and the nature of the business. But when we know the business requirements, we can provide you an exact timeframe with a breakdown of each module. However, it will take around a few weeks to develop and implementation procedure.

Staying a contact with the ERP developer is very vital to keep the software running smoothly. We believe in long term client relationship and so, we would love to be in contact with our clients. We will be available when you need it.

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