Manual QA Testing

Techspin Solutions – Magnificent Manual QA Testing Services Provider India

Techspin Solutions brings an advanced blend of testing tools, technology expertise, technical knowledge and testing processes to ensure that each module is tested properly. We provide end-to-end manual testing services at affordable rates and to deliver the project bug-free. Facing QA challenges? We can help!

Manual QA Testing Services, We Offer:

Techspin Solutions is a leading and renowned software testing & QA services firm that offers high-quality manual testing services. As a pioneering QA testing agency, we’ve tested several projects and make the clients happy with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. See our high-quality testing services:

Functional Testing

Checking each functionality of the website or application for the errors and ensure no bugs can reside in the functionality. Let our testers make your functionality errors-free.

Usability Testing

Validate your app or web projects’ usability to make sure your project runs smoothly. Our in-depth analysis checks for potential bugs, functionality issues & performance glitches.

Performance Testing

Monitor the website loading time and speed to enhance the page loading speed (the most important factor. Our pro-found experts perform special testing tactics to fix the glitches and flaws.

Security Testing

Security of anything is of utmost importance. Our team performs penetration testing & risk assessment to shield your web or app from malicious threats and cyber hackers.

Compatibility Testing

Explore the best possibilities to test software or web compatibility. We do check your website compatibility on different browsers, hardware, databases, displays & devices.

Maintenance & Support

Provide 24X7 technical support and customer services to answer your queries. Our point-of-contact will be touched with you whenever you need it.

What Makes Us Differentiate Than Others?

We have hands-on experience and expertise on a vast range of apps including website, mobile, software products and more. With the expertise and skills of our pro-found testers, we can make your software or website flaw-free and enhance the effectiveness of it. To achieve the perfect quality for a project, technology experience and robust testing techniques are essential that our testers have.

Agile Team of Pro-found QA engineers and software testers

Follow the outcome-driven approach and adaptive to recent technology methods

Believe in transparency and keep you involved in the process from start to end

Testing experts with comprehensive experience

Agreed to sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

100% satisfaction guaranteed

In-Depth Software and Website Manual Testing Process:

We at Techspin Solutions undertake the whole responsibility for testing activities from an optimized QA testing plan to post-production maintenance and support. We follow a user-centric approach to deliver the project error-free. As a professional manual QA testing services firm, we provide an in-depth analyzed reporting with customized dashboards and keep you updated with testing procedures.

Listen to your requirements
Create an optimized testing plan
Execute the Testing Procedure
Deliver bug-free Projects
Most Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly, YES. Your app or website must be tested before launching. Even your small module should be tested before integrating it with your existing web or app. With the testing procedure, your project will not have any errors and so, not disappointing the users. An app or website without QA may diminish success.

Well, a test plan is different for each project depending on their requirements. Actually, a test plan is a document generated by our skilled testers with details of testing methodology and procedures. This test plan will help you with how the complete testing process will be applied to your project.

Well, this one is a little bit tricky. WHY? Because no website or app software is the same; each has different modules, functionalities and complexity. In the same way, we do not make a precise estimate for your project until we do not know about your project. We would love to discuss your project and then our team can deliver you an accurate estimate for each module and/or functionalities.

Generally, we deliver the testing report with errors within 15-20 days. However, it may vary depending on the level of complexity. If it is a regular website like others, then it will take less than 15 days and if it has several modules to be tested then need more than 20 days to complete.

Share your project details with us, we will examine it and then provide you a proper timeline for the same.
Yes, we do. We strongly believe in a long-term relationship with our clients and so, we do provide support services even after delivering it successfully. Our job is not over after sending the testing report, we do help our clients whenever they need it.

However, after a certain period of time, we do charge for maintenance.