Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy as per the I.T.ACT- 2000.

For us at Techspin, data privacy is greatly important to us. We are dedicated to protecting your personal data and this Privacy Policy directly applies to our Website ( and our associated subscription services, including the associated mobile applications developed, owned and controlled by Techspin. This privacy policy clarifies how Techspin uses information and safeguards any data provided to us by our global customers from across all countries. This Privacy Policy gives you information about us, who we are, what data we gather from our customers and how the data is used. Our Privacy Policy governs the data collection process, data processing and data usage practices. The policy also gives you an insight of your choices regarding the data usage, access to data and the correction of your personal details. If under any circumstances you do not agree with our data practices as mentioned here, you should exit and not use the website and its subscriptions services as offered to you by Techspin.

This Privacy Policy is an electronic record as per India’s Information Technology Act, passed in 2000 and the rules mentioned there are applicable and amended provisions related to the electronic records based on the 2000, Information Technology Act. Any electronic record generated by a computer system requires no physical or digital signatures. This legal privacy policy is henceforth published in harmony to the Rule 4 of the Information Technology Act Rules (Reasonable security practices, procedures and sensitive personal information), Information Technology Act of 2011, the amended Information Technology Amendent Act of 2008 that need the publishing of the privacy policy for the access and usage of the Techspin website.

The Techspin Privacy Policy directly applies to all the users and subscribers of our website and that of our associated parties.

By entering and using this website or by registering with us, we directly assume that you have read our privacy policy and accept to our agreement as mentioned in our terms and conditions page. In our privacy policy, terms such as “we”, “us” , “Website”, “company” or “Techspin” directly or indirectly refers to our and “you” as our website subscriber or user of the website.

Privacy Preface

Online privacy is of great importance for us as Techspin especially when you are offering web development and designing services, and we are committed to safeguarding all the information we have, as provided by our users. Creating a secured environment for our uses is of utmost importance for us while offering the best services with unparallel strategies. This Privacy Policy allows our users to check our privacy practices, assuring them a safe experience through our website.

We would also like to let the users know that this website may or may not provide links to other apps or websites that have their own Privacy Policies and we at Techspin do not hold us responsible for the privacy and security services provided by them. Users are requested to check and familiarize with the privacy policies of our website, along with that of the policies of our third party apps that hold any personal information as well.

By providing your personal data to us, you directly agree to all our rules and policies that have been mentioned under the Techspin Privacy Policy page. In any case you do not agree with our policies, we request you to not go any further in our website.

Areas Administered by our Privacy Policies

1. Data collected about you

– Details you provide us: While contacting us, our users are requested to finish the registration form, that mainly includes your basic details, such as your online information and details regarding a quote on a particular development service, or registration details needed to attend one of our various events or our subscription mails. The details attained usually includes your name, email address, address, phone number and any other basic details you may have provided! you thereby agree and also acknowledge that these details when received by us, can be retained and stored in our database. By registering, you also agree to us using your email id and phone number for sending you informative and promotional messages that would definitely fascinate you.

– Details we collect about you: At Techspin, we collect any and every information mentioned between you and our team via the Contact Us form, our telephone calls or the email id. The information collected can be used for the promotion of our services and solutions, events exhibited or participated by us. The data collected about your visits to our website and how you use our website is stored by us. This data mostly includes details about your IP address, device details, geographical location, the number of page views, which pages you viewed and more. This data is collected usually by our associated third party website analytics service provider or using cookies on our behalf. We also use cookies and pixels to track the delivery and open rate through our email. The result of this is stored along with your email address and your profile.

For a more detailed analytics information, we take help of third party analytics services. We have restricted control over these analytics and hence, by entering our website, you directly agree and also acknowledge the fact that we will not be held responsible under any circumstances for privacy related issues. Techspin has a payment gateway and does not save any of your financial data or transactional data when a purchase or order is placed using our services.

– Details we receive about you from our associated third party companies: At Techspin, we gather information about your from our associated third parties who closely work with us with the sole purpose of providing you with the services offered by us. The third party service providers may collect these details directly from your digital presence or your websites. We may also receive details about you from such third party service providers to whom you have provided you consent related to sharing your details.

2. How we use the attained information?

The data collected may be used for a list of purposes depending majorly on the relationship between you and us. Before you provide us with your data, we will give you information necessary about how, when and for what purpose your details will be used.

a. We use your personal data to – Provide information requested by you from us regarding the developmental services provided by us including, news, promotional materials and online webinars.

Purpose – The contact details will be used to keep you always updated regarding the services and products you have previously showed interest in.

Applicable legal basis – By requesting for any data from us, you directly or indirectly agree to us using your provided personal data for communicating with you about information that you are interested in.

b. We use your personal data to – Send you invitation regarding our events and also exhibitions.

Purpose – The data will be used for the purpose of planning our business meeting.

Applicable legal basis – Based on your registration for attending an event or meetings, we will use the data for performing our business meetings and enhancing our business ties.

c. We use your personal data to – Analyse user traffic to our website and hence improve web content

Purpose – Use IP address for the analysis of our pages. It may also include enhancing content and other website services.

Applicable legal basis – Web analysis is legitimate for businesses and it allows us to enhance our services to meet rightly to our customer’s needs.

d. We use your personal data to – ensure that all legal requirements are abided by rightly.

Purpose – Your personal information may be needed to check with essential legal requirements.

Applicable legal basis – Needed to process your provided data for complying to the legal obligations.

3. Sharing of your Data

The data procured by us will not be shared with any other party. The data is kept safe and secured with us and will be used for the marketing and auditing of our website.

4. Cookies

At Techspin we use cookies to check and ensure that our users get the best services from our website. Cookies are simply small text files that we store on your device which is used to access our website. These cookies allow us to keep a track of your use and simplify your use of our website. In case you do not wish to use these cookies or have them installed in your device, you have every right to change the browser settings or reject the cookies on your device.

5. Third Party Content, websites and assistance

Some of our website content may include links to other websites and applications which are operated by other third party service providers. We hold no control of these third party apps and websites and this Privacy Policy under no conditions applies to such third party authorities. We request you to read our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policies of the relevant third party associates to check out how they collect and use you details. Also check on their cookies and their purpose of collecting data using cookies.

6. How is your data stored and looked after at Techspin?

We use a list of different technologies and operational security measures to make sure that your provided personal data is kept secured from any unauthorized user for unlawful use, modification or destruction.

The transmission of such data across the internet can however be insecure and we follow every possible steps to avoid such conditions and protect your details from unauthorized access. We cannot guarantee the security of any data sent across the internet.

7. User rights in relation to your personal data
  • Request us for a copy of your personal data that is secured by us by sending us a written request to data protection officer. You may request us to provide you with the data in a common readable format.
  • Contact the related Data Protection Officer in case you are concerned that the data held by us about you is incorrect, and provide us with the correct data.
  • Contact the Data Protection Officer to stop your personal data processing or even withdraw your consent for legal basis.
  • Contact the Data Protection Officer to delete your personal data from our system.
Choice/ Opt-out

Once you have registered with us at Techspin, you will still have the option to opt-out and no longer star associated with us and our services, emails. You will be required to unsubscribe our services by sending us an unsubscribe request. Also, based on the Rule 5(&) of India’s Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, the 2011 of Information Technology Act, 2000 amended through the Information Technology Amendment Act , 2008, you can withdraw your consent for the use of your personal data provided to us earlier. This kind of withdrawal requires a written request to our registered address.

Grievance Redressal

If you hold any queries or grievances related to our privacy statement, or the practices followed by our website, transaction issues, etc. you may contact our grievance office at

We have a grievance officer appointed based on the Rule 5(9) of India’s Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 of Information Technology Act, 2000 amended according to the Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008.

Updation of the Privacy Policies

We hold every right to upgrade and amend these policies as and when required, from time to time. Whenever these changes are made, we will update this page on our website, We also recommend you to revisit this page regularly in order to ensure that you are always aware of any updates or changes made to the Privacy Policies.